​​​​​​​​​​Friends of Palmetto Island State Park, Inc.

​​Keeping you connected to Palmetto Island State Park!

The primary mission of this group is to foster an appreciation for, and thus conservation of, these magnificent and important animals in our ecosystems. The Louisiana Amphibian and Reptile Enthusiasts (L.A.R.E.) group conducted a 2 year amphibian and reptile inventory of Palmetto Island State Park. The project at Palmetto Island State Park was the first citizen science project where L.A.R.E. was be able to give back important data to managers of public places. The survey also provided L.A.R.E. with all the information needed to design an informational amphibian and reptile brochure specifically for Palmetto Island. L.A.R.E. then partnered with Friends of Palmetto Island to have the information published in color for patrons to enjoy. Enhance your Palmetto Island State Park adventure, be sure to pick up a copy of this informational brochure at the park's Entrance Station or Nature Center.

L.A.R.E. began participating in the annual Stir the Pot Cook off and Festival in 2014. This fun and friendly group volunteers to set up a booth where patrons can see and interact with live amphibians and reptiles that call Palmetto Island S.P. home.  Their booth is very popular with festival attendants and L.A.R.E. gets to show off the animals they love while 'busting' a few myths.

If you have an interest in Louisiana's amphibians and reptiles and think this group is something you want to be a part of, please feel free to join them on Facebook  or visit their website for lots of pictures and information about Louisiana’s amphibians and reptiles. For those of you who have questions, are potentially interested in helping out with surveys or willing to donate material (sheet metal, large carpet scraps, 1-2 in PVC pipe...etc) for surveys please feel free to contact Brad 'Bones' Glorioso at louisianaherps2012@gmail.com

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