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2019 D.O.G. Dates

......Meetin’...Greetin’... Cookin’ an Eatin’

        2nd Saturday of each month at the park

How much more Cajun can you get than that! Gathering around food has served as a focus for all manner of occasions and has been an important part of life for the people of Louisiana. The motto above holds almost everything our Cajun souls crave.

Latanier Cookers….Pronounced lah ton ya, is the French word for Palmetto. This group organized in April of 2013  and hosted their first D.O. G. at Palmetto Island State Park that June.

Latanier cookers hosts a D.O.G. (a.k.a Dutch Oven Gatherings) on the second Saturday of each month. These gatherings are relaxed and informal. Families are welcome. There is often a little music playing in the area. Before lunch, cookers and visitors drift around the area asking questions, discussing recipes, tips and techniques, checking out all the neat ’tools’ that other cookers use in their outdoor kitchens.  If you’ve never seen a Dutch oven cooker in action, I expect you’ll have lots of questions. Experienced cookers have gotten the process down to a ‘science’ and love to visit about Dutch oven cooking. Latanier Cookers usually make arrangements to have a main meal, which is prepared on site. Cookers and visitors contribute the Dutch oven dish of their choice. ALL COOKS ARE WELCOME! Danny points out that this chapter's goal is ‘the gathering’. So whether you cooked in a Dutch oven on coals or not, you’re welcome to share your food at these gatherings.  Covered dishes are welcome too. Pots go on the table at noon.  It’s a super cast iron buffet. You’ll enjoy food from black iron pots like:  corn breads, cobblers, bread puddings, beans, casseroles, Jalapeno bread, sweet potato soufflé, biscuits, Holly Beach potatoes, rolled round steak, pork roast….and the list goes on and on. The cookers really enjoy testing their skills with new recipes, so the menu is always exciting and new. Plan your next camping trip to Palmetto Island State Park on the second Saturday of each month...you'll be in for a treat.

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Find more Latanier Cookers videos courtesy of Chef Ted Bourque on YouTube and Facebook. 

LDOS 2019 State Gathering

May 10-12, 2019

@ Lake Bistineau State Park