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Latanier Cookers has compiled a fantastic cookbook of about 300 of their favorite recipes for you to try. Most of the recipes in this book have been cooked at the chapter’s Dutch Oven Gatherings (D.O.G.) held on every second Saturday of the month at Palmetto Island State Park. So many of you may have already sampled them. Of course they have included the usual Dutch oven recipes like cobblers and cornbread. But they haven’t left out the Cajun traditional recipes like baked rice dressing, gumbo,  jambalaya, cochon de lait and of course ettoufee. You’ll find some surprise recipes, dishes by other Dutch oven cooks from chapters across the state and celebrity contributions. But the best of all, is the cooker’s family favorites that have been handed down through the generations and are now recorded inside this cookbook. If cooking in either black pots or Dutch ovens the old outdoor way with coals is not what you do, no problem. All of the recipes can be cooked the conventional way in your kitchen, in the pots and pans you use every day. Like when a dessert calls for coals on and bottom of a Dutch Oven for baking at a specific degree, all you have to do is place it in your oven at the temperature indicated in the recipe. That’s right, anyone can enjoy cooking the food because all the recipes can be converted.

     Latanier cookers hopes you’ll use this cookbook to try out cooking in the traditional Dutch oven style, but most of all they hope you’ll enjoy the food and use it to promote “Meeting, Greeting, Cooking and Eating” with your family and friends.