​​​​​​​​​​Friends of Palmetto Island State Park, Inc.

​​Keeping you connected to Palmetto Island State Park!

     The future of Palmetto Island State Park still depends on people like you. Community support is a contributing factor in the decisions of a state park remaining open. Community support got this park open…community support will have to keep it open. In light of the deep and continuing budget cuts to the LA State Parks system we feel like membership (community support) is more important now than ever.      

      Everyone has some ‘thing’ they can contribute. Your fresh ideas and creativity are important in growing our group and supporting the park.  We invite members or anyone who enjoys the park to share their input, ideas and suggestions on how we can help make the park better. We think of it as “the People’s Park”

      Memberships are always open. Current members are eligible to serve on the Friends of Palmetto Island Board of Directors and committees. As a member, your vote elects the Directors who will lead the group for each year. Each month members receive our complimentary electronic newsletter, up-dating you about park programs and activities. Your membership fee is a ‘tax deductible’ donation. Friends of Palmetto Island is a 501(c)3 public charity. Donations are always welcome and appreciated! 

       By becoming a “Friend” or visiting the park you are really helping us continue to send the message to Baton Rouge that “WE WANT TO KEEP PALMETTO ISLAND STATE PARK OPEN!” Down load our current membership form and send it to our address below.  Please feel free to share with anyone who may be interested in joining.

      Even if you decide that membership is not for you, we encourage you to sign up for our complimentary electronic newsletter. Everyone is eligible to receive “Palmetto Pal’s Paper”. It’s the best way to keep you connected to the park. Sign up today.  We would really appreciate your continued support for us and Palmetto Island State Park.  
       Please note…Membership in Friends of Palmetto Island State Park, Inc. does not entitle any member to any special privileges at Palmetto Island State Park. If you make a special request, it is subject to Palmetto Island’s staff’s discretion and their determinations shall be final.