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2019 DATE

October 26


Saturday, October 27

Held annually on the Saturday BEFORE Halloween...unless Oct 31 falls on Saturday.

Over 2,000 kids of all ages walk through the campground,Trick or Treat with our campers and experience the Halloween spirit at Palmetto Island State Park.     

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Why do People Wear Costumes?
    The Celts and later the Europeans, believing that the spirits walked the Earth on Oct. 31, wore masks after dark so that if they should into a ghost, the spirit would think the wanderer was on of their own and not try to possess their body.

Why Do We Carve Pumpkins for Halloween?

​     Carving pumpkins for Halloween comes from an Irish legend of Stingy Jack, who played tricks on the devil.  When Jack got to heaven, he wasn’t welcome; he wasn’t welcome by the devil either.  So Jack had to wander the Earth forever.  Because he couldn’t see in the dark, he carved out a turnip or potato and put in a lump of coal he store from the devil.
    When the Irish people immigrated to America, they brought the legend and the tradition of the carved potatoes and turnips with them.  Pumpkins were easier to carve and there were a lot of them in America, so they soon took the place of the turnips and potatoes.

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